Work/Life Balance

A programme of induction training is available for new staff, enabling them to quickly familiarise themselves with the workings of EUMETSAT.

For those staff arriving from another country, a two-day workshop (in English) is provided by an external company, specially designed to assist expatriated employees and their families to acclimatise to their new life in Germany. “During this seminar I found out about German habits and customs which is highly appreciated. It was reassuring to receive tips on daily life in Germany from a German national and professional trainer. This has helped reduce the risk of potential misunderstandings with landlords, neighbours, shopkeepers and other counterparts outside EUMETSAT.” Andrea Duflaut, Senior Quality Systems Manager.

EUMETSAT also offers language training in German and subsidised German language classes at local language schools for spouses.

Social Activities

Through the Staff Association Committee, EUMETSAT offers an active social club life.

EUMETSAT also organises social events for employees and their families such as carnival celebrations and Christmas parties both for adults and children.

There are more than 20 active social clubs, enabling staff members and their families to participate in many kinds of sporting, literary and cultural events. For those who are newly relocated to the region, the social clubs and their activities also provide an opportunity to meet people outside of work. “The Photography Club organise photo competitions and hold workshops and sessions with professional photographers for beginners and advanced, internally and externally”. Frank Perlik, METOP Spacecraft Operations Engineer.

EUMETSAT also organises social events for employees and their families such as carnival celebrations and Christmas parties both for adults and children.

The social clubs frequently participate in international competition events with other international organisations, for example an annual sailing regatta, running events and regular skiing trips in winter. Whatever your interests or your passion, there’s a strong chance you’ll find a club that caters for them.

EUMETSAT also offers a programme of different daily exercise classes at lunch-time, in a dedicated onsite recreation facility with changing rooms and showers. “I look forward to my lunch-time Pilates class on Tuesdays – it’s nice to have a break and I feel very relaxed afterwards”. Gaby Kerrmann, Events Support.

If you’d rather go off-site for exercise, there are fitness centres in the surrounding area and a number of staff go jogging/walking in the nearby forest.

Social Services

If you need someone to talk to about a problem in confidence – and particularly in a country that is not your home country - it may not be obvious where you can turn to find help in a language you know.

Staff members at EUMETSAT can access the services of an on-site Social Services Advisor, who provides confidential counselling and support on a wide range of personal issues, such as family problems, stress management, interpersonal conflicts, and work-life balance amongst others.

“I really enjoy helping people who work in international organisations, who can face different challenges. It is rewarding”. Carola Nordmann, Social Services Advisor.

Child Care

Staff at EUMETSAT can make use of our Childcare Advisory Service, which provides information and advice on finding different types of childcare available in and around the local area, as well as on extra-curricular activities for children. Support is also offered to parents wishing to either change or make temporary childcare arrangements.

“The summer camps are a great experience, as eight-year-old Alex, who visited Rovinje last year, can attest. He enjoyed the freedom to do whatever he wanted, with “nobody to tell him when to go to bed and what to eat”. He loved the beach activities and being thrown off the banana boat. He still wears the camp bracelet as he is very proud to have been part of the trip”. Christelle Patterson, Project Controller.

Also available in:  English - Français - Deutsch

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