Basic Documents

The EUMETSAT Basic Documents publication contains all the basic legal texts which govern our operation.

The publication of these Basic Documents is updated regularly.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us, addressing the EUMETSAT Legal Affairs Division.

The following documents are downloadable in PDF format.

Title Description File Size
Basic Documents The full Basic Documents publication 8.20 MB
EUMETSAT Convention Convention for the establishment of EUMETSAT 192 KB
EUMETSAT Programmes System Descriptions and Scales of Contribution for all EUMETSAT programmes 1.05 MB
EUMETSAT Protocol Protocol on Privileges and Immunities 147 KB
EUMETSAT Headquarters Agreement The Headquarters Agreement between EUMETSAT and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany 142 KB
Rules of Procedure For the Council of EUMETSAT 59 KB
Terms of Reference For Subsidiary Bodies of the EUMETSAT Council 149 KB
EUMETSAT Data Policy Policy governing the use of our data 474 KB
EUMETSAT Financial Rules The rules governing EUMETSAT's financial operations 314 KB
EUMETSAT Staff Rules The Staff Rules set out the fundamental conditions of service of EUMETSAT staff members 2.22 MB


Also available in:  English - Français - Deutsch

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