Data Policy

The EUMETSAT Data Policy is a document which has been established and approved by EUMETSAT Member States.

It contains the following information: 

  • Basic Principles of EUMETSAT Data Policy, as laid down in Council Resolution EUM/C/98/Res.IV. These Principles are generic and apply to all present and future EUMETSAT systems;

  • Implementing Rules which have been elaborated further in detail. These Implementing Rules only apply to a particular EUMETSAT system.

From this link you can access the complete official EUMETSAT Data Policy (PDF) as approved by EUMETSAT Member States.

Furthermore, the EUMETSAT Member States adopted the Oslo Declaration at the 67th meeting of Council in Summer 2009. The Oslo Declaration clarifies that data policy and the related on-line services are aimed at facilitating direct access to meteorological data and products on a non-discriminatory basis in compliance with relevant WMO resolutions, as well as national and international regulations. The declaration encourages further development of on-line services and expansion of graphical products made available to the public, while continuing licensing policies for the underlying digital data and products.

Also available in:  English - Français - Deutsch

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