A new Processing Baseline v2.45 for Sentinel-3 STM (SRAL/MWR) will be released on 14 February. This is a minor update to the S3 STM Baseline Collection '003'.

Thursday, 07 February 2019

Sentinel-3A freeboard Jan 2019 STC

The following updates will be made:


  • Improvement in the retrieval of the sea ice freeboard.
  • Improvement of the Sea Ice Concentration (auxiliary data information) along the coastline.
  • The distance to coast parameter is now in a finer resolution.
  • Slight Improvement in the measurement of the Significant Wave Height in SAR mode thanks to the new LUT (Look-Up Table) application.
  • Fix for the C Band OCOG Range and Sigma Nought predominately set to Fill-Value over open ocean.
  • Fix for the numerical overflow of the Waveform Ocean Amplitude parameter in PLRM mode.
  • Fix for the flag surface type class incorrectly set to ocean value over land.
  • Fix for the Ku Band OCOG Range and Sigma Nought in LRM Mode predominately set to Fill-Value over open ocean.
  • Other fixes for run time errors and minor bugs such as orbit type set to Fill Value when the used orbit is NAVATT.


  • Fixes for run time errors and minor bugs such as acquisition Station name not reported in the netCDF global attributes.

As part of this Processing Baseline, the new IPF version is 06.16 for SRAL L1, 06.09 for MWR L1 and 06.15 for SRAL L2. The new baseline will apply for both Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B. The deployment in operations will be performed on 14 February, from that date all data created (of all timeliness) will be produced with the new PB.

More information is available in the Copernicus S3 L1 Product Notice – Altimetry, Sentinel-3 Product Notice – STM L2 Marine (NRT, STC and NTC), Product Data Format Specification - SRAL and MWR Level 1 products and Product Data Format Specification — SRAL/MWR Level 2 Marine products.

More information on SRAL products and on accessing the data products can be found on the Sentinel-3 Altimetry Services page.

More information on the SRAL/MWR sensor can be found in Sentinel-3 SRAL/MWR Marine User Handbook.

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