The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS ) provides continuous data and information about the oceans.

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The service, which is operated by Mercator, provides regular information on the physical state, variability and dynamics of the ocean and marine ecosystems for the global ocean and the European regional seas.

The products and forecasts it delivers support four main application areas, Marine Resources, Marine Safety, Coastal and Marine Environment and Weather, Climate and Seasonal Forecasting.

What is EUMETSAT’s role?

EUMETSAT delivers a range of ocean products to CMEMS and its user community. This includes data and products from the Jason-2 satellite - jointly exploited with NOAA, CNES and NASA, from the EUMETSAT-owned Metop and Meteosat satellite series, and from missions of EUMETSAT’s international partners.

After the successful launch of Sentinel-3A on 16 February 2016, EUMETSAT’s role is to operate the satellite, in cooperation with ESA, and deliver the marine data (ocean colour, sea surface temperature and sea surface topography) on behalf of the EU.

"For oceanography, Sentinel-3 is perhaps the most beautiful satellite ever built"

Hans Bonecamp, Remote Sensing Scientist, EUMETSAT

Image - Sentinel-3EUMETSAT operates Sentinel-3, with support from ESA and delivers the marine mission

EUMETSAT is also delivering data to Copernicus from the Jason-3 ocean altimetry satellite. Jason-3 is the result of an international partnership between EUMETSAT, CNES, NOAA, NASA and the European Union, which funds European contributions to Jason-3 as part of the Copernicus programme.

Jason-3 is the fourth in the series of US/European ocean altimetry satellites that together have built up a time series of global mean sea level that dates back to 1992. The Jason satellites fulfill a key role as the reference mission against which ocean altimeters onboard other satellites, such as Sentinel-3, are calibrated.

Artist's impression of Jason-3Jason data provide the indispensable reference against which measurements of all other altimeter missions (e.g. Sentinel-3) can be cross-calibrated

The follow on from Jason-3 will be the Copernicus Sentinel-6 mission which will be implemented by two successive Jason-CS high precision radar altimetry satellites. These satellites will be operated by EUMETSAT and will continue from 2020 the high accuracy ocean surface topography measurements of Jason-3.

Ocean data into 2035

EUMETSAT will deliver marine data and support services from a constellation of ocean monitoring satellites until 2035 - starting with Sentinel-3A and Jason-3, and continuing with subsequent Sentinel-3 satellites and Jason-CS - and also from its own satellite missions.

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Planning for Meteosat, Metop, Jason and Sentinel-3 missions

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Last Updated:  Monday, 29 October 2018

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