Copernicus Data Information and Access Service (DIAS)

EUMETSAT, the ECMWF and Mercator Océan are jointly developing a Data Information and Access Service (DIAS) to provide fast, efficient and reliable online access to Copernicus data and products.

The Copernicus DIAS platform will enable users to discover, search and access all the Copernicus data and information from a central place.

The platform will also offer processing capabilities close to the data, giving opportunities to develop Copernicus-related business and it will be comprehensively supported, drawing on the expertise of EUMETSAT, the ECMWF, and Mercator Océan, key partners in the Copernicus Programme.

As a DIAS user, what will I be able to do?

  • Discover, search and access all Copernicus data and information including access to satellite data from contributing missions
  • Access cloud-based processing capabilities that can be run on virtual machines with pre-installed tools (e.g. QGIS, SNAP), or via Jupyter Notebooks. This will mean you can develop and execute your own applications
  • Upload your own data and set up your own development environments, and benefit from extensive user support, training and a dedicated service desk
  • Set up your own front-offices that may provide value-added services for you or your specific user communities.


When will the EUMETSAT/ECMWF/Mercator Océan DIAS be available?

The implementation is intended to follow a two-phase process:

Phase 1 (the demonstration phase) has already started and will be implemented together with the on-going development of EUMETSAT’s future Data Services Roadmap - done through EUMETSAT Multi Mission industrial service contracts. This demonstration phase is planned to be finalised during the first half of 2018.

Phase 2 (the operational phase), dedicated to the operational implementation and subsequent operations of the DIAS in its full scope is intended to start in 2018, following major industrial procurement actions and when all planned data will be made available to users.

Procurements for the DIAS will consist of a set of new Copernicus specific competitive industrial service procurements for the full size implementation of the different system elements, integration, testing, operations preparation, and operations of the DIAS, lasting until at least the end of 2020.

These major procurements will be initiated in the time period between second half of 2017 and beginning 2018.

Last Updated:  Thursday, 22 March 2018
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