Quality & Monitoring

Mission Performance and validation activities.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Thematic Information from Space (METIS)

The Monitoring and Evaluation of Thematic Information from Space (METIS) tool (currently password protected) is developed to monitor EUMETSAT operational remotely sensed products for stability, quality and performance on a global and regional basis in routine. The current METIS modules are the METIS-SST and METIS-OC.

User Notification service (UNS)

To display specific updates on Sentinel-3 choose the filter option below or select from the filters provided within the UNS tool.

Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter

Sentinel-3 validation team (S3VT)

The S3VT is a validation team jointly convened by ESA and EUMETSAT under a rolling Announcement of Opportunity. The S3VT assist the agencies in the scientific validation of mission products and services during the Cal/Val and operational phases. The general goal with the team is: “To engage world‐class expertise and activities, through mutual benefit collaboration, that support the implementation of the Sentinel‐3 validation activities and ensure the best possible outcomes for the Sentinel‐3 Mission” The S3VT consists of 4 subgroups: Temperature , Ocean Colour, Altimetry and Land Surfaces.

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