Copernicus Online Data Access

The Sentinel-3 Products are available through the Copernicus Online Data Access (CODA) service.

CODA is an online rolling archive with https access to Sentinel-3 Level 1 and Level 2 (Altimetry, Ocean Colour, Sea Surface Temperature and Atmospheric Composition) global data in different latency modes, as shown in the following table:

Latency modes Description Time archive
Near Real-Time (NRT) Products available to users within three hours after sensing 1 month
Short time critical (STC) Products available to users within within 48 hours after sensing.
(Only for SRAL products)
Non time critical (NTC) Products available to users within one month after sensing 1 year



How to Access CODA

If you already have an Earth Observation Portal (EO Portal) account, use your account credentials to log into CODA. Go to (please use Chrome or Firefox). Click ‘OK’ to be redirected to the EO Portal login screen.

Alternatively go to, log in and follow the link 'Access CODA'.

If you do not have an EO Portal account, simply create one and follow the link 'Access CODA'.

For more information read the Sentinel 3 Marine Copernicus Data Access User Manual.

Reprocessed data and obtaining a current and consistent mission dataset

Sentinel-3 data that is older than a year, and datasets from the individual sensors that have been reprocessed, is available from CODAREP, the data centre, and in some cases, via FTP. Access to these sources is available through your Earth Observation Portal (EOP) account credentials, or via direct support from the User Service Helpdesk(in the case of FTP).

Guidance on obtaining the most recently reprocessed data for a specific time period, or a current and consistent dataset for the entire mission, is available at the following links for each sensor:


In the following table, some information about the reprocessed datasets available via CODAREP.

  OLCI reprocessed data SLSTR reprocessed data SRAL reprocessed data
Timeliness Non Time Critical data (NTC) Non Time Critical data (NTC) Non Time Critical data (NTC)
Processing Baseline 2.23 2.29 (L1 RBT)
2.33 (L2 WST)
Dates From 26/04/2016 to 29/11/2017

Datasets from 30/11/2017 onwards can be found on CODA and the EUMETSAT data centre*
From 19/04/2016 to 04/04/2018

Datasets from 05/04/2018 onwards can be found on CODA and the EUMETSAT data centre*

From 01/03/2016 to 12/02/2018

Newly reprocessed datasets using PB 2.61 from 01/03/2016–31/12/2019 are available by contacting These data are not yet available on CODArep

Datasets from 01/01/2020 onwards can be found on CODA.
Product Types and Levels L1 (OL_1_EFR___ and OL_1_ERR___)

L2 (OL_2_WFR___ and OL_2_WRR___)
L1 (SL_1_RBT___)

L2 (SL_2_WST___)
L1B (SR_1_SRA___)

L2 (SR_2_WAT___)

*Note: data produced with the current operational baseline is available on CODA for one year, after this time it is available at the EUMETSAT data centre.

How to visualise Sentinel-3 data

To open and display data use the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP),

Information on SNAP can be found in the Sentinel-3 toolbox and SNAP online tutorials.

Watch this video demonstration from our Training Manager Mark Higgins.

Watch the video on How to access Copernicus ocean colour data

Watch the video How to access Copernicus sea surface temperature data

Watch the video on Atlantic Ocean Colour

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