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All archived data in the EUMETSAT Data Centre can be accessed via the Online Ordering Client

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The Online Ordering Client is a browser-based application to search, filter, subset and order meteorological products and data.

Users' feedback on usability improvements on the former Java-based ordering application was taken into account during design and development. As a result the ordering process has been simplified so it presents an intuitive interface for all users.

It also offers access to Copernicus Sentinel-3 products once they become available.

For further help or information contact our User Service Helpdesk.

This is a list of known issues found in the ordering process. Please enter a key word or words from your query into the text box below to narrow down the search for an issue. The issues themselves do not adversely affect the ordering process for the general users, most are usability features which we are actively working on to improve.

Users who discover new issues or have constructive feedback should contact our User Service Helpdesk.


Ordering Client Known Issues



  • In the 'SELECT FORMAT' page, the ORDER CHANNELS section may be empty for some products. In the future an empty section will not be visualised.
  • Mac OS users may experience some layout issues with the order pages (for devices with retina display). A recommended workaround is to try a different web browser.
  • In the 'SELECT DATE/TIME' page, selecting a big time range in the 'From' and 'Until' text boxes may cause the browser to freeze. This is caused by a background database query to retrieve the total number of individual products for the date range. When entering dates specifying large time ranges should be avoided.
  • In the 'ORDER STATUS' page, sometimes clicking the link to the 'ORDER DELIVERY' page, where online orders can be downloaded, can result in a 404 error. Due the fluctuations of internet transfer speeds, the link could appear before the order items have been delivered to the Data Centre HTTP download server. Users are requested to try downloading this link again at a later time.
  • A software security constraint has been applied to the client, limiting the duration which the client can keep a communication session open with the server. If no communication occurs between the client and the server for more than 30 minutes, users are required to log in again. We are investigating less restrictive security constraints for the new client.
  • On the ‘ROI’ page, after filling the Lat/Lon values manually, sometimes the number of ‘Selected Products’ gets automatically updated to a different value. If you observe this incorrect behaviour, please click on the “Lower Lon” box and then click somewhere outside the boxes or on the ‘Next Step’ button. The search will be applied correctly this time. This issue is scheduled to be fixed by Summer 2017.
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