New Pilot Data Services

As part of an evolution to its Data Services in 2020 EUMETSAT is releasing pilot services which provide new data access capabilities.

During the pilot phase, users are encouraged to explore these new services and provide feedback, which will help shape the service in future. It is envisage that these services become part of the operational data access portfolio in future. 


Data Tailor – the software makes it possible for users to subset and aggregate our data products in space and time, filter layers, generate quicklooks, project onto new coordinate reference systems, and reformat into common GIS formats (netCDF, GeoTIFF, etc.). It offers a uniform way to transform both historical and near real time satellite data provided by EUMETSAT.

EUMETSAT Data Store — provides users with a download and data tailoring service for online data. Users can discover, apply customisation changes (format transformations, regional sub-setting, file aggregation, etc.) and download data. The service provides access through an online interface and via Application Programming Interface (API). The initial pilot service will offer a subset of EUMETSAT data from the Meteosat First and Second Generation and Metop satellite missions.

EUMETView — building upon the existing EUMETView service, this new service will offer access to licensed visualisations, e.g. Meteosat Rapid Scan, and combine the functionalities of new types of web services such Web Feature (WFS) and Web Coverage (WCS) services. WFS provides an interface allowing requests for geographical features, e.g. wind vectors. The WFS allows the user to access and manipulate the data values and download in different vector formats, e.g. a shapefile. WCS provides an interface allowing retrieval of coverages (geospatial information representing space/time-varying phenomena), e.g. Sea Surface Temperature values. The WCS allows the user to access the values of each pixel and to download a geographical subset of the product in netCDF, GEOTIFF or other raster formats. 


For those data services which include access to our satellite data, a user registration is required and EUMETSAT Data Policy applies. Users will be able to use existing user registration portal credentials to access the new data services once these services come online. 

Release schedule

Data Tailor – released on 9 January 2020
EUMETSAT Data Store – coming soon
EUMETView – coming soon


During the pilot phase these new data services do not form part of our User Notification Service. On the individual service pages you will find information on planned outages, enhancements and any known anomalies.

If, however, you experience a problem, please report this to our User Service Helpdesk, to allow us to fix the problem as soon as possible. In your email to the Helpdesk, please indicate the service you are using, where applicable, provide a screenshot of the issue.

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