Data Delivery

We offer a portfolio of data access options that allow users to view imagery and download data, as well providing data push services.

Depending upon the choice of data access, users can receive data in either near real-time and/or historical mode.

Our product catalogue, the Product Navigator, allows users to discover which data collections are available through our different data access service.


New Pilot Data Services


As part of an evolution to our Data Services in 2020 we are releasing pilot services which provide new data access capabilities. During the pilot phase, users are encouraged to explore these new services and provide feedback, which will help shape the service in future. It is envisage that these services become part of the operational data access portfolio in future.

What are the new data services?

Data Tailor

How to access the new services and release schedule

Product Catalogue

  • Discover our data collections and how to access them.
  • Find related resources and user documentation.
  • Discover the data collections we distribute on behalf of partner agencies.

Access our catalogue

Data Registration

  • Create an EO Portal account to access our data.
  • EO Portal registration is generally required prior to accessing our satellite data.
  • For some data, the acceptance of licence terms and conditions is required.

Learn more about how to register and our Data Policy

EUMETSAT Data Centre

  • Ordering service for our satellite data which are older than three hours.
  • Long-term archive spanning the full satellite mission.
  • Repository for Climate Data Records.
  • Data for download or supplied via offline media, e.g. tapes.
  • Once you have registered in the EO Portal you can start ordering data.

Learn more about the Data Centre service.


  • Near real-time data push service with an operational service level commitment.
  • EUMETCast Satellite uses commercial telecommunications & DVB2 standards to disseminate data.
  • EUMETCast Terrestrial uses research networks and commercial internet to disseminate data.
  • Reception station equipment (hardware & software) are needed to access EUMETCast.
  • Once you have registered in the EO Portal you can subscribe to EUMETCast services.

Find out if EUMETCast is available in your region and which equipment you need to receive it.

Copernicus Online Data Access (CODA)

  • CODA is an online rolling archive with https access to Sentinel-3 Level 1 and Level 2 (Marine) global data in different latency modes.
  • Once you have registered in the EO Portal you can start downloading data.
  • CODA Rep provides access to reprocessed Sentinel-3 marine data and can be access with your CODA login credentials.

Direct Dissemination

  • Direct Dissemination is the delivery of data, products and services to a user reception station, transmitted directly from the Metop satellites.
  • Provides locally received NRT data (partial orbit swath) as the satellite passes over the reception stations local field of view.
  • Dedicated satellite reception equipment is required to access this service.
  • No prior registration is required.


  • Information on interactive tools and software programs available to help access and use EUMETSAT's data.
  • Some software and tools are provided by EUMETSAT directly, and others by Third Party providers.

Find out more about what Software is available.

Equipment Manufacturers

  • A list of known providers of reception station equipment and software suppliers, the list is not exhaustive, these are the providers known to EUMETSAT.
  • Some of the listed services are available at cost others may be offered without charge.

Find an Equipment Manufacturer

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