We provide a range of software enabling users to extract data from Meteosat and Metop satellites.

EUMETSAT’s Nowcasting Satellite Application Facility (NWC SAF) provides operational services to ensure the optimum use of meteorological satellite data in Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting. The NWC SAF does this by developing and maintaining software packages for fast data processing at the user’s premises. EUMETSAT’s Numerical Weather Prediction Satellite Application Facility (NWP SAF) develops satellite data processing modules for implementation at NWP centres.

Further interactive tools and support software are also available for download.

Title Instrument
1D-Var Retrieval Packages - Multimission AMSU-A, AIRS, SSMIS, HIRS, IASI, MHS, SEVIRI, AMSU-B, CrIS, ATMS
ATOVS and AVHRR Pre-processing Package - Multimission IRAS, MWRI, MWHS, MWTS, AVHRR, HIRS, IASI, AMSU-A, MHS, VIIRS, CrIS, ATMS
Coastline Program
Data Centre Download Tool
EFTS Agents Software
EPS Tool - EPS Format Fortran 90 Readers N/A
EPS Tool - EPS Product IDL Readers N/A
EPS Tool - Kai N/A
EPS Tool - Metopizer N/A
EPS Tool - pfs2xml N/A
GEO Software Package - Multimission N/A
MSG Native Image Reader
Navigation Software for MSG Level 1.5 VIS/IR data N/A
PPS Sofware Package - Multimission AVHRR
Public Wavelet Transform Decompression
RTTOV radiative transfer model - Multimission AVHRR, HIRS, IASI, AMSU-A, MHS, MVIRI, SEVIRI
Radiance Simulator - Multimission
SSMIS Pre-processing Package - DMSP SSMIS
Scatterometer Processing Packages - Multimission AMI-SCAT, HY-2A SCAT, ISS RapidScat, ASCAT, OSCAT, SeaWinds
The Radio Occultation Processing Package - Multimission CHAMP BlackJack, COSMIC IGOR, GRACE BlackJack, GRAS, TanDEM-X IGOR, TerraSAR-X IGOR
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