We provide an evolving range of meteorological and climate monitoring data and products that reflect the needs of the user community.

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Accurate weather predictions start from the best possible knowledge of the initial state of the Earth's atmosphere, which is built using frequent, global observations of the atmosphere and the underlying surfaces. Information on the composition of the atmosphere plays a vital role in building knowledge of the state of the environment, and assessing environmental risks.

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Meteorological satellites are an invaluable asset for climate monitoring and understanding of our changing climate. EUMETSAT has a role in international efforts for recalibrating and reprocessing data, extracting climate records, and making them available to downstream users.

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Marine satellite data are unique sources of continuous, highly accurate global measurements of the physical and biological state of the ocean (sea state, sea level, ocean currents, sea surface temperature, ocean colour and sea ice) and atmospheric parameters (ocean surface wind, air-sea fluxes, precipitation) that drive the ocean circulation.

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Satellite coverage provides information on the state of the land and on land processes.This information is of considerable use for agriculture, forestry, surface transport management, and the monitoring of ecological and hydrological systems.

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Level 1 Data


The Level 1 data from the Meteosat, Metop and NOAA satellites are the building blocks for higher-level processed products generated within the EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. They provide invaluable input to Nowcasting applications and Numerical Weather Prediction models.

Level 1 Data



EUMETSAT utilises a variety of formats for product dissemination and distribution. The most commonly used types can be found on the Formats webpage.



We provide a range of software enabling users to extract data from Meteosat and Metop satellites.

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Calibration enables the calculation of the actual radiance of the Earth target, from the corresponding digital counts produced by the satellite instrument.

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