IRS Mission Advisory Group (IRS-MAG) 2018

Held: 24-25 May 2018, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt.

The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) series of future European geostationary meteorological missions consists of two satellites: the imaging satellites (MTG-I) and the sounding satellites (MTG-S). The Infrared Sounder (IRS) is one of the two instruments hosted on board the MTG-S satellites.

The scope of the IRS mission is to provide the user community with information on time evolution of humidity and temperature distribution, as functions of latitude, longitude and altitude. In this context, EUMETSAT has established the IRS Mission Advisory group (IRS-MAG) with the mandate of providing independent advice on the scientific concepts, Cal/Val approaches, and data usability of the IRS mission.

Objectives and outcomes


Objectives and Outcomes

The proceedings and outcomes of the meeting can be found in the Minutes of Meeting.

Programme and Reports

IRS MAG Meeting Agenda
IRS MAG Meeting Agenda - Thursday 24 May
Title Presenter/s
Welcome and agenda Herve Roquet, Bojan Bojkov
Review of ongoing actions Herve Roquet, Bojan Bojkov
Report on ‘Open Issues’ discussion from former MIST/MIMAG group Christina Köpken-Watts (DWD)
IRS instrument performances — Status Daniel Lamarre (ESA)
Action M4 A9: Presentation of consolidated strategy about how to capture rare and special event (additional local PC or to give residuals) Tim Hultberg (EUM)
On the reversibility of MTG-IRS apodisation conversions Nigel Atkinson (Met Office)
Analysis of the detector responsivity correction method presented by UW at ITSC-21: application to MTG-IRS Nigel Atkinson (Met Office)
Calibration of FY-4A GIIRS L0 data and comparisons to CrIS Dave Tobin (CIMSS)
IRS Level 1 Format Feedback Rory Hutson (EUM)
Discussion All


IRS MAG Meeting Agenda
IRS MAG Meeting Agenda - Friday 25 May
Title Presenter/s
Introduction to the second day Herve Roquet, Bojan Bojkov
Limb sounding challenges in the context of IRS Claude Camy-Peyret (IPSL)
Scientific Roadmap for the Development of Hyperspectral Infrared (HSIR) Products: White Paper status update Dorothee Coppens (EUM)
IRS possible Apodisation Dorothee Coppens (EUM)
IRS L2 ATBD – MAG review summary Jochen Grandell (EUM)
MTG-IRS L2 update Thomas August (EUM)
Discussion on the spectroscopy Claude Camy-Peyret (IPSL)
MTG-IRS Science plan Jochen Grandell (EUM)
ARRHENIUS: a Geostationary Carbon Process Explorer for Africa, Europe and the Middle-East Johannes Orphal (KIT)
Discussion All
Review of actions/recommendations All


Next meeting: 6–7 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium.


The IRS-MAG members:

  • Nigel Atkinson (Met Office – UK)
  • Bojan Bojkov (EUM – Germany) — co-chair
  • Claude Camy-Peyret (IPSL – France)
  • Pierre-François Coheur (ULB – Belgium)
  • Nadia Fourrie (Météo-France – France)
  • Antonia Gambacorta (NOAA/NESDIS/STAR – USA)
  • Erik Gregow (FMI – Finland)
  • Mateja Irzic-Zibert (ARSO – Slovenia)
  • Christina Köpkens-Watts (DWD – Germany)
  • Miguel A. Martinez (AEMET – Spain)
  • Anthony McNally (ECMWF)
  • Johannes Orphal (KIT – Germany)
  • Dave Tobin (CIMSS – USA)
  • Herve Roquet (Météo-France – France) — co-chair


IRS-MAG secretary
Dr Dorothee Coppens
Competence Area Manager - Hyperspectral Infrared
Remote Sensing and Products Division (RSP)

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