Rapid Scanning Service Schedule

The Meteosat Rapid Scanning Service (RSS) is periodically interrupted for short periods of time.

These temporary outages in the service are used to exercise the Meteosat-9 SEVIRI instrument mechanics in Full Earth Scan (FES) mode, which is required to keep the mechanism in good repair.

The baseline operational period for the RSS is 26 days of continuous rapid scanning, followed by two days of full earth disc scanning, over 11 months per year. This year, the one-month pause of Meteosat-9 RSS will not take place in the usual time frame but will be deferred to April 2018 (when Meteosat-10 is planned to be conducting the RSS mission).

During Meteosat-9 FES mode, Meteosat-9 image data and meteorological products are not disseminated.

On 27 March 2018 Meteosat-9 stops RSS, one week after Meteosat-10 has become prime RSS spacecraft. Meteosat-9 will provide gap filling for Meteosat-10, see Meteosat Technical Bulletin for full details.

Unscheduled outages can occur at any time. Notifications of these are provided via the User Notification Service (UNS).

RSS monthly Meteosat-9 mission interruptions
Start date End date Duration
16 Jan 2018 18 Jan 2018 48 hrs
21 Feb 2018 26 Feb 2018 5 days, due to Met-9/10 passing in orbit

FES always starts and ends at 9:00 UTC.
Please note these dates are tentative. Exact dates will be confirmed in the UNS.

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