User Notification Service

The User Notification Service (UNS) provides updates on the status of our satellites and operational services.

Updates on the status of the satellites and operational services, include:

  • Planned maintenance activities which may cause temporary service outages
  • Product and service enhancements
  • Service anomalies
  • Metop-A and B Multi-Mission Administrative Messages (MMAM)
  • EARS pass predictions

The UNS End User Guide describes how to use the UNS web tool, alternatively watch our short getting started video.

To receive email notifications provided through the UNS register via the Earth Observation Portal (EOP). Once your account has been created, login to UNS (or follow the link from the EOP) to manage your email subscriptions via “My Subscriptions”. User own filters can also be saved through the login feature.

To display specific updates choose one of the filter options below or select from the filters provided within the UNS tool.

Current Events

Current Alerts (Ongoing anomalies)
Planned Events (schedule of planned maintenance and service enhancements for the current and upcoming weeks)


All Meteosat
Meteosat 0 degree
Meteosat RSS
Meteosat IODC

Metop / NOAA

All Metop
Metop-A Global Data Service
Metop-B Global Data Service
NOAA-19 Global Data Service
All Regional Data Service
Metop-A and B Multi-Mission Administrative Messages (MMAM) (Select the MMAM tab in the UNS tool)
EARS pass predictions (Select the Pass Predictions tab in the UNS tool)



Historical Events

Permanent Failures (permanent degradation of a service)
Past Alerts (recovered anomalies)

Product and Service Enhancements

Service Enhancements

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