Third Party Distribution

The WMO coordinates the provision of meteorological and basic meteorological data, via EUMETCast.

Access conditions for Forecasts and Model Data

EUMETSAT provides a selection of bespoke services designed to support environmental monitoring, as well as operational forecasting activities.

External data providers, including major meteorological centres, are responsible for the content of these services. The content, typically, includes meteorological observations and forecast data.

This service is for the exclusive use of National Meteorological Services.

Meteorological Data Dissemination

The Meteorological Data Dissemination (MDD) is a service primarily for the African members of the World Meteorological Organization.

It comprises observations, analyses and forecasts from major meteorological centres.

Data is available from the prime Meteosat satellite at 0° longitude.

Basic Meteorological Data

The Basic Meteorological Data (BMD) Service within the WMO Regional Association VI contains a set of data specific for this region, which is multicast via the EUMETCast system. Data are only available for the WMO members (National Meteorological Services and partner organisations) of the WMO Regional Association VI.

The data contains data such as SYNOP, TEMP, PILOT, Warnings and Tropical Cyclone data, as well as forecast data in GRIB format from the ECMWF and Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).

Charts of WAFS, Aerological Diagrams, basic meteorological field parameters and observations are also disseminated, in graphical representation.


Environmental Products

These products which support specific-user applications, such as deforestation in Africa or fire monitoring in Europe, are a result of the many cooperation agreements EUMETSAT has in place with partner organisations. In many instances they directly support European and international projects and initiatives.

Partner organisations include:

  • European Commission
  • Méatéo-France
  • Met Office

Further information on our cooperation agreements can be found in our International Cooperation section.

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