Online learning

On this page, you can access EUMETSAT and Copernicus training courses and a collection of resources and tools for your continuous learning and development.

Browse the materials and choose the activity that best suits your preferred learning approach and objectives.

EUMETSAT training courses

Content from previous EUMETSAT training courses is available on our Moodle-based learning platform at

Who are they for?

Courses are typically thematic, and/or associated to specific satellite data streams. Online material includes material for reading, links to the videos above, guides for installing software, short activities, and discussion forums.

How to get access?

If you would like to review and/or use some of the material on our Moodle platform, please contact and

Massive Open Online Courses from Copernicus

YouTube Tutorials and Videos


COMET Modules

EUMeTrain Resources

Code repository of Jupyter notebooks and Python code

EUMETSAT Case studies

Imagery viewers

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