The Nowcasting SAF Dust Flag Product

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The Nowcasting SAF (hosted by AEMET, the Spanish Meteorological Service) develops and distributes a software package that allows the processing of MSG/SEVIRI imagery.

Published: 5 March 2010

One of the products computed by this software is the Cloud Mask, which includes a dust cloud detection module.

This lecture will give an insight of the dust detection scheme. The algorithm will be detailed, and its limitations highlighted. Some validation results will be shown and some potential applications of this digital product illustrated.

After viewing this module, the user should have an insight of the dust detection scheme implemented in the MSG/SEVIRI processing software developed and distributed by the Nowcasting SAF. The user will also have seen some application of this digital product.

Pre-requisites: basic knowledge of MSG/SEVIRI visible and infrared imagery.

Category Language Difficulty Audio Duration Author
Atmosphere English Intermediate 60 min Herve Le Gleau


Nowcasting SAF Dust Flag Product presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Nowcasting SAF Dust Flag Product recording (ZIP, 59 MB)

Cloud Products of the Nowcasting SAF (Meteo-France)

Cloud Products of the Nowcasting SAF (SMHI)

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