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Guide to weather, surface conditions and atmospheric constituents.

MSG Interpretation Guide version 1.1, a collection of material in the form of zipped Powerpoint files for the various application areas of MSG.

Contributions from Jochen Kerkmann (EUMETSAT), Hans Joachim Lutz (EUMETSAT), Marianne König (EUMETSAT), Jose Prieto (EUMETSAT), Pirkko Pylkko (FMI), HansPeter Roesli (SMA), Daniel Rosenfeld (HUJ), Johannes Schmetz (EUMETSAT), Veronika Zwatz-Meise (ZAMG), Jarno Schipper (ZAMG), Christo Georgiev (NIMH), Patrick Santurette (Météo-France).

Edited by Veronika Zwatz-Meise (ZAMG) and Jochen Kerkmann (EUMETSAT).

This material is provided for education and training purposes only. Any reproduction should acknowledge the source of this material.

The complete fileset can be found on the EUMeTrain website.



From MFG to MSG

Benefits of new generation (ZIP, 28 MB) — two presentations.

Introduction to MSG Channels

SEVIRI instrument (ZIP, 5 MB) — two presentations.

Solar channels: Ch01 (0.6 µm), Ch02 (0.8 µm), Ch03 (1.6 µm) (ZIP, 5 MB) — two presentations.

Ch12 (High Resolution Visible) (ZIP, 9 MB).

Ch04: 3.9 µm (ZIP, 11 MB) — two presentations.

IR Window channels: Ch07 (8.7 µm), Ch09 (10.8 µm), Ch10 (12.0 µm) (ZIP, 3 MB).

Water vapour channels: Ch05 (6.2 µm), Ch06 (7.3 µm) (ZIP, 3 MB).

Ozone Channel: Ch08 (9.7 µm) (ZIP, 3 MB).

CO2 channel: Ch11 (13.4 µm) (ZIP, 890 KB).

RGB applications (ZIP, 39 MB) — seven presentations.

Cloud Processes (ZIP, 49 MB) — six presentations.

RGB Composite Guides

Applications for weather analysis and forecasting

Synoptic scale cloud configurations (ZIP, 66 MB) — four presentations.

Mesoscale cloud configurations (ZIP, 29 MB) — five presentations.

Fog (ZIP, 27 MB) — six presentations.

Orographic cloud (ZIP, 13 MB) — two presentations.

Hazardous weather in small scale (ZIP, 48 MB) — five presentations.

Tropical Cyclones (ZIP, 11 MB).

Ocean and Land Surface

Land and sea surface temperature (ZIP, 761 KB) — two presentations.

Vegetation (ZIP, 2 MB)

Snow and Ice (ZIP, 12 MB)

Flood Monitoring (ZIP, 3 MB)

Fires, Smoke, Burned Areas (ZIP, 3 MB)

Atmospheric Constituents

Water Vapour (ZIP, 19 MB) — two presentations.

Dust and Aerosols (ZIP, 39 MB) — two presentations.

Dust Storm Western Africa — 03 March 2004 (AVI, 38 MB)

Volcanic Ash Plumes (ZIP, 7 MB).

Fires, Smoke, Burned Areas (ZIP, 3 MB)


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