EPS Direct Readout and Processing Tools

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The presentation will describe the direct broadcast capabilities of polar-orbiting weather satellites, with particular reference to Metop, and the software packages that are available to process the data.

Published: 8 May 2013

The ATOVS and AVHRR Pre-processing Package (AAPP) is one of the main tools for processing data from Metop and NOAA POES satellites; the package is maintained by the Numerical Weather Prediction Satellite Application Facility (NWP SAF).

Examples will be given of how to process the raw data to radiances (e.g. for assimilation into NWP models) or imagery.

Regional re-distribution of direct broadcast data (raw and processed) has expanded greatly in recent years. The EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Services (EARS) are now available for several of the EPS instruments (ATOVS, AVHRR, ASCAT, IASI) and are currently being developed for Suomi-NPP.

These services allow multiple users to access the direct broadcast data, over a wide geographical area, and with a timeliness suitable for NWP and nowcasting applications. The talk will describe the use of AAPP, and other packages, in the context of these EARS services.

Category Language Difficulty WEBCAST Duration Author
Data Dissemination English Intermediate 33 min Nigel Atkinson


EPS Direct Readout and Processing Tools presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

EPS Direct Readout and Processing Tools webcast (MPG, 28 MB)


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