Extreme High Swell Events on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast

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This lesson aims to improve the ability of marine forecasters in Morocco to forecast extreme marine events related to high swells.

Published: 30 September 2015

High swell events can develop far from the coast under cyclonic conditions, and take several days to travel to land. If early warnings are not issued, they can take an area by surprise and have a devastating impact.

This lesson aims to improve the ability of marine forecasters by providing background information on winds and waves, and presenting a process for monitoring and forecasting high swell events using a variety of data. These include ASCAT scatterometer wind data and the ECMWF Extreme Forecast Index (EFI) product, which helps verify model output and improve the quality of heavy swell forecasts.

The forecast process is applied to two cases that occurred on the Moroccan Atlantic coast in 2014.

Note: the lesson has been developed with funding from EUMETSAT for the ASMET project.

Category Language Difficulty Audio Duration Author
Marine English Basic No 60–85 min ASMET Team


Module, available through MetEd website
ASMET website

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