Weather feature identification exercises for Africa

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These nine exercises teach forecasters how to identify various synoptic scale and mesoscale systems in Africa in satellite imagery.

Published: 28 June 2018

This set of exercises contain cases from nine weather features over Africa. These include Anticyclones, Jet Streams, Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), Tropical Lows, Convective systems, Dust, Sea State, Fog and Low Clouds and Mid-Latitude Systems. For each one of these topics, students work through a series of guided exercises on their own. These are supplemented by group discussions of related questions. The concluding activity for the course enables participants to demonstrate what they have learned by finding a case and applying the relevant questions to it.

Note: that the cases only address system/feature identification in satellite imagery and do not cover forecasting. You can use these exercises within your meteorology courses, either online or as a part of classroom instruction. If you want to use the exercises locally, you can download each exercise as a zipped file.

The exercises have been developed with funding from EUMETSAT for the ASMET9 project.

Category Language Difficulty Audio Duration Author
Atmosphere English Basic No 120 min ASMET Team


Weather system exercises, online versions and zipped files

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