Training Team

The training team are all professional meteorologists, with many years of experience of satellite meteorology.

Dr Mark Higgins — Training Manager

Mark completed a Doctorate in Geophysics at the University of Edinburgh before joining the Met Office, the UK national meteorological service. He worked on the assimilation of satellite data. He then moved in to training and consultancy roles and spent eight years working in the humanitarian sector. During that time he completed his master's in adult learning.

Mark joined EUMETSAT in 2011, moving to Training Manager in 2015. He is on the management group of the WMO CGMS VLab, the executive board of COMET and the chair of COCOM

In 2015 Mark gave a talk at the TEDxRheinMainSalon Datanauts event, titled Small Failure, Big Weather, Open Data.

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Dr Jochen Kerkmann

Jochen got a Diploma and a PhD in Meteorology at the University of Bonn. He worked as operational weather forecaster in Dolomites, Italy (1991 to 1994), then research scientist on severe thunderstorms and hail (1995-1996). Since November 1996 he has worked at EUMETSAT, first as a SAF Network Scientist (1996-2003), then as a training officer (from 2004).

Jochen's areas of responsibility include organising and running classroom courses in Europe and South Africa; organising online training events and organising application specific courses on remote sensing, clouds and convection, dust, fires and smoke. He also maintains our case studies, images of the day and online training resources. Jochen's special interest is developing and use of RGB products. He also spends his private time producing time-lapse videos of clouds.

Ian Mills

This is a service provided to EUMETSAT by Ian Mills Training. Ian joined the Met Office as an observer working at Glasgow airport and then in the Shetland Islands. After obtaining his degree from the Open University he was promoted and become a forecaster. Most of his forecasting career was forecasting military operations in the North of Scotland. Ian then joined the Met Office College where he taught a variety of courses, including forecasting and IT. While at the college Ian was involved with e-learning, being a participant in EuroMet, EUMETCAL and EuMeTrain projects. Prior to leaving the Met Office, he headed the e-learning team.

Vesa Nietosvaara

Vesa gained a Master in Science from the Faculty of Meteorology at Helsinki University, before joining the Finnish Meteorological Institute. From 1997 he worked on synoptic satellite meteorology training projects, training the trainers in meteorology and organisingcourses for meteorologists. In recent years this included managing the EUMETCAL programme and being part of the EUMETrain project.

Vesa joined EUMETSAT in 2012. His areas of responsibility include development of training resources in Europe and Africa.

José Prieto

José worked on the establishment of a network of 15 weather radars in Spain, before moving in 1991 to EUMETSAT as a technical and, then, as a training officer. His areas of responsibility include expanding the EUMETCast user community in Eastern Europe, South America and Africa, and developing interactive materials for e-learning.

Christine Träger-Chatterjee

Christine got a Diploma and a PhD in Geography from the University of Marburg, Germany. Before joining EUMETSAT in 2015 she worked as a scientist at Deutscher Wetterdienst, as a team member of the SAF on Climate Monitoring. At the CM SAF Christine worked on the retrieval and analysis of solar radiation data and managed the user training activities of the CM SAF.

At EUMETSAT Christine's responsibility is the user training on climate, ocean, and marine forecasting related products.

Madalina Ungur

Madalina has a Master of Science in Education, Technology and Society (Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK). Madalina was involved in European and international projects using open educational resources, open data management and infrastructure to design and deliver educational training solutions and opportunities for adult learners in agricultural and environmental sciences.

Madalina is a consultant with Solenix GMbH. For EUMETSAT, this consultant role includes providing instructional design and infrastructure development advice for EUMETSAT, EUMeTrain and ASMET training activities, as well as networking, mentoring, and coordinating with the learning and Technical Support Officers network, to support all EUMETSAT's user training activities.

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