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Courses, workshops & events

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Visualised data & products

Images thumbnailUse ePort to visualise data and products available for training. Email us to request access to ePort PRO

Image case studies — imagery and case studies of weather phenomena and environmental events observed by weather satellites.
EUMETView — our online map viewer (Web Map Service).

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The Joint EUMETSAT, EUMETCAL, EUMeTrain Training Bulletin on new activities and resources in European meteorological training is published every quarter.

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Further Resources

There are a wealth of online case studies, training modules, product tutorials, webcasts, guides, and manuals on the use of satellite data.

MSG Interpretation Guide
Video guides on using RGBs in operational meteorology (YouTube)
EUMeTrain Resources
EUMETSAT Training Library


About Us

EUMETSAT training activities are designed to support the use of the EUMETSAT data products, systems and services across the member states and wider.

Almost all our courses, workshops and events are delivered with, or by, a partner. In Europe we have established the EUMeTrain project who produce lessons, online courses and provide resources for forecasters and trainers. We also work closely with Eumetcal who facilitate co-ordination of training across Europe.

For training outside Europe we work as part of the WMO-CGMS Virtual Laboratory on Satellite Meteorology Training and Education (VLab).

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