Dust travelled from western Africa to the Lesser Antilles

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The dust outbreak, which was quite strong for July/August, started on 28/29 July.

Date & Time
01 August 2013 18:00 UTC
Dust RGB product

Large thunderstorms over western Africa lifted large amounts of dust into the air. On 30 July, the elevated dust started to cross the Atlantic Ocean and it arrived in the Lesser Antilles on 2 August.

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Note: Despite the recent dust outbreaks over the Atlantic, NOAA forecasts are still calling for an elevated hurricane activity over the Atlantic Ocean in 2013, based on the large-scale conditions (warm sea surface temperatures in the Tropical Atlantic and lack of warm El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)). It is not unusual to have suppressed hurricane activity in July, which is typically less active than even June.

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