Severe thunderstorms over Sardinia

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Flash floods caused by heavy thunderstorms tear through streets in Sardinia, submerging homes and killing at least 18 people.

Date & Time
18 November 2013 09:00–16:00 UTC
Channel 9 (IR10.8)

The media reports that at least 18 people died when 3 m (10 ft) high floods swept through parts of the island. The worst affected area was in and around the city of Olbia where much of the city was said to have been flooded.

According to Franco Gabrielli, Head of the Italian Civil Protection, 440 mm of rain have been measured in Sardinia in 24 hours, which amounts to six months of annual average rainfall in the area.

The enhanced Meteosat-10 infrared images show several storms over the island (red colours indicating very cold cloud tops), one starting in the south-west, close to Cagliari, at around 10:00 UTC, and one starting in the south-east at around 11:00 UTC following the eastern coast up to Olbia.


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