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Record wind speeds were measured when storms passed northern parts of Scandinavia in mid-November.

Date & Time
16 November 12:00 UTC–17 November 12:00 UTC
Airmass RGB

Winter storm Hilde (as named in Norway and Sweden) or Eino (as named in Finland), passed the northern parts of Scandinavia over the weekend of 16–17 November, causing widespread power outages in all three Nordic countries.

The storm battered the Norwegian coast on 16 November. As the storm moved eastward, record-breaking winds were recorded in central and northern parts of Norway and Sweden.

Later on 17 November the storm moved to Finland, felling trees and leaving hundreds of thousands of people temporarily without electricity.

The image shows Meteosat-10 Airmass RGB overlaid with Mean Sea Level Pressure (black contours) and synoptic observations from 17 November 00:00 UTC. The deep low centre is located in northern Sweden; a very sharp cold air trough at the rear of the cyclone can be seen on Norwegian coast. Maximum winds can be found in the vicinity of this trough.


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