Shallow convection over Finland

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On 2 May a strong northwesterly flow brought cold, humid air and snow pellets in Finland.

Date & Time
02 May 2014 11:32 UTC
NOAA-19, Metop-B
AVHRR, Natural Colour RGB

The NOAA-19 AVHRR (0.6, 0.9, 10.9 µm) image, from 2 May at 11:32 UTC, depicts shallow convection around the Baltic Sea.

In May the sea is still cold, and convection can only be triggered over land. In the Metop-B image, taken earlier at 08:38 UTC, sea ice remained in the northern part of the Baltic Sea.

The snow pellets in Finland were formed in shallow cumulonimbus between 1.5–3 km, with temperatures ranging from -10 to -20 ºC at the base and top, respectively.

NOAA-19, 02 May 2014, 11:32 UTC (Source: EUMeTrain)
AVHRR Channels 1, 2, 4
Full Resolution
Metop-B, 02 May 2014, 08:38 UTC
AVHRR Natural Colour RGB
Full Resolution
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