Unusually heavy hailstorm in Brazil

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A heavy hailstorm hit São Paulo, Brazil on 18 May, blanketing the city with marble-sized hailstones.

Unusually heavy hailstorm in Brazil
Date & Time
18 May 2014 11:00–18:00 UTC
Meteosat-10, Metop-B
Natural Colour RGB, AVHRR

The Metop-B AVHRR composite image shows high cloud generated by a westerly flow of humid warm air when reaching the colder air in the São Paulo region. The instability was, however, stronger than usual in autumn.

The Meteosat-10 composite animation shows the shade early in the morning and lower cloud near the terrain.

After the hail, haze was produced by intense evaporation of the ice corns, a process which is estimated to last for a couple of days, given the cold original temperatures of -20 °C in their core.


Download Meteosat-10 animation (MPG, 6 MB)
Download full resolution Metop-B AVHRR image 18 May 11:31 UTC

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