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On 8 July there were a large number of thunderstorms across eastern parts of the UK. Although these storms were relatively small in size, some were severe, with reports of heavy falls of hail in places.

Date & Time
08 July 2014 08:00–17:00 UTC
Natural Colour RGB, HRV

Heavy rains brought flash flooding to parts of North East and South East England, causing traffic chaos and partially closing one hospital's Accident & Emergency unit.

There were reportedly around 665 lightning strikes across the UK in 12 hours.


The Meteosat-10 Natural Colour RGB imagery from 08 July 08:00–17:00 UTC (MPG, 3 MB), shows the storms as elliptical cyan 'blobs' — the cyan colour denotes ice clouds.

As the thunderstorm clouds developed high into the atmosphere ice formed at the top of the cumulonimbus clouds, where the temperature was about -40C.

Early in the morning there were only a few storms, but as the ground temperatures rose, more widespread storms broke out over England and Wales.

Meteosat-10 Natural Colour RGB

The Natural Colour RGB image from 10:00 UTC coincides with the report of heavy hailstorms in Crowborough in East Sussex, with cyan coloured storm clouds in this area.

Download full resolution Natural Colour RGB image.

The Meteosat-10 high resolution visible imagery shows the tops of the cloud as bright white because they are highly reflective. In the HRV animation, 08 July 08:00–17:00 UTC (MPG, 4 MB) a 'rash' of storms can be seen developing as the temperatures rose during Tuesday morning.

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