Khareef in Dhofar Governorate, Southern Oman

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Dhofar Governorate, in southern Oman, is famous for its seasonal weather from mid-June to mid-September.

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23 August 2014 05:40 UTC
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Locally known as 'Khareef', it is due to the summer monsoon over the Arabian Sea. The coastal areas and hills along the Arabian Sea are clothed in white fog. Light rains drizzle to cool the air and turn the semi-arid desert into lush green. This year a temporary weakening of the monsoon allowed Metop-B to get an early glimpse of the green landscape. Each year the 'Khareef' attracts an increasing number of tourists from within Oman and the neighbouring countries.

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In the short animation from Metop-B, the first image from 9 June 06:45 UTC shows desert with no sign of vegetation, the second image from 16 August 05:35 UTC shows the fog along the coast, and the final image from 23 August 05:40 UTC shows the miraculous appearance of vegetation.

Full Resolution, 6 June, 06:45 UTC
Full Resolution, 16 August, 05:35 UTC
Full Resolution, 23 August , 05:40 UTC


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