Saharan dust over the Balearic Islands

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Plumes of Saharan dust can be seen moving from Algeria across the Mediterranean towards the Balearic Islands.

Saharan dust over the Balearics
Date & Time
19 September 2014 10:00 UTC–20 September 15:00 UTC
Dust RGB

At the start of the animation a dust plume (magenta) over central Algeria was moving north on the southern side of a mass of convective cloud (red).

In the northeast corner of Morocco a second plume of dust was forming and can be seen through the convective cloud. The dust plume expanded and moved northeast to affect the Balearic Islands from around 00:00 UTC. By 09:00 UTC on 20 September the more dense plume had passed the islands, however there was still a magenta tinge over, and to the south of, the islands indicating continuing dusty conditions.


Download animation (MPG, 5 MB)

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