Severe flooding in Montpellier, France

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Parts of France were declared natural disaster regions after torrential rain caused major flooding in late September.

Date & Time
29 September 2014 12:00–17:00 UTC
Infrared Channel

Montpellier in southern France had a record-breaking 300 mm of rain in a few hours, more than 200 mm of which fell in two hours, leading to severe flash flooding. About 4,000 people were stranded in the Hérault department. Hundreds of rail passengers spent the night sleeping in Montpellier’s railway station, 500 people were stuck overnight in the airport, a concert hall was transformed into a dormitory and about 1,000 students had to sleep at their schools and colleges.

The time average of SEVIRI's IR10.8 band, best illustrates what took place.The average is from 12:00–17:00 UTC, including the period the heaviest rain was reported.

The imagery shows the event was due to stationary convection in a southerly flow of Mediterranean air.

This is a typical situation along the western side of an anticyclonic block. The position of the blocking high was over South East Europe under a wide cloud arc between western Europe and the Black Sea.

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