Devastating floods in Northern Italy

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Devastating floods hit parts of northern Italy in October after days of storms and torrential rain.

Devastating floods in Northern Italy
Date & Time
10 October 2014 00:00 UTC–14 October 07:45 UTC
IR10.8 and HRV channels, Convection RGB, Airmass RGB

In early October a series of severe storms crossed over parts of northern Italy for many days. From 7–10 October more than 180 mm of rain was recorded in Genoa — more than a month's worth of rain. On 10 October two rivers in Genoa burst their banks, sending torrents of flood waters through the streets. At least one person was reported to have died.

Turin, Parma, Padova, Brescia and other parts of western Europe were also hit by the violent storms.

The animation of the airmass RGB overlaid with the cold-temperature part from band IR10.8, both of Meteosat-10, shows the evolution during which the frontal system temporarily passed over the Alps, but was immediately followed by a new frontal wave that formed over the Iberian peninsula. The revitalised warm-air advection over the western Mediterranean quenched the last thunderstorm cluster over Tuscany in the night of 12 October.

Download animation (MPG, 6 MB), Meteosat-10, 10 October 00:00 UTC–12 October 03:00 UTC.

On 13 October in Padua, Venice, Belluno and Rovigo more severe storms brought heavy rains, high winds and hail — causing transport chaos and blackouts.

Met-10, 13 October 2014, 14:00 UTC
'Sandwich' product, IR10.8 and HRV combined
Full Resolution
Met-10, 13 October 2014 14:00 UTC
Convection RGB
Full Resolution

The animations of the Meteosat-10 'sandwich' product (IR10.8 and HRV combined) and Convection RGB show successive convective systems crossing parts of northern Italy on 13 October. On the sandwich product imagery cold U-shaped storms and ring shaped can be seen. These are typically associated with severe weather such as heavy rain, hail and damaging winds.

Download sandwich product animation (MPG, 6 MB), Meteosat-10, 13 October 07:00–11:00 UTC.

Download RGB animation (MPG, 4 MB), Meteosat-10, 13 October 09:00–14:00 UTC.

Download extended view animation (MPG, 3 MB), Meteosat-10, Airmass RGB overlaid with the cold-temperature part from band IR10.8, 13 October 12:00 UTC–14 October 07:45 UTC.

Download full resolution image, Meteosat-10, 13 October 07:00 UTC.


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