Wave clouds over the Alpine region

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Wave clouds south of the Alps, seen by Meteosat-10 on 14 April.

Wave clouds over the Alps
Date & Time
14 April 06:00–15:00 UTC
High Resolution Visible, Infrared

By HansPeter Roesli (Switzerland)

The High Resolution Visible (HRV) image, 14 April 10:00 UTC, shows the 'backbone' of the wave clouds was quite straight and oblique, in relation to the range of the Alpine crests, a rather unusual feature. Also, the structure was very complex.

Viewed from below, under the central section of the wave clouds, altocumulus lenticularis could be identified, topped by thick cirrus.


Download animation (MP4, 3 MB), Meteosat-10 HRV & IR10.8, 14 April 06:00–15:00 UTC
Download full resolution image

We documented a similar event in the same area in 2007. The case study includes a time-lapse video of the clouds from below. High-level mountain wave clouds over the Po Valley

Previous wave cloud case studies

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