Contrasting temperatures in Oman

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On 12 June 2016 while the north coast of Oman experienced the hottest day of the year, southern parts saw cooler temperatures.

Contrasting temperatures in Oman
Date & Time
12 June 2016 08:00 UTC

By HansPeter Roesli (Switzerland)

During June 2016 parts of Oman experienced an intense heatwave. The 12 June was the hottest day, so far, with 49° C recorded at Suwaiq, a coastal town in the region Al Bāţinah, in northeastern Oman. At Muscat airport the temperature soared from a minimum of 35° C to a maximum of 46° C with a relative humidity of around 20%.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Meteosat-7 Visible (zoomed in), 12 June 08:00 UTC

Meanwhile along the coast of the Arabian Sea, there were misty conditions created by monsoon winds, with bands of low cloud along the steepest parts of the coast (Figure 1, top right)

The 08:00 UTC (noon local time) visible image of the reflected solar light from Meteosat-7 (Figure 2), shows the clouds extending westward from the area of Salalah, the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province.

Its airport reported muggy weather with minimum/maximum temperatures of 28° C–31° C and a relative humidity of around 80%.

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