Eruption of Fuego volcano

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On 1 February 2018 there was short-lived but very powerful eruption from the volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

Eruption of Fuego volcano
Date & Time
1 February 2018 07:00 UTC–23:00 UTC

By HansPeter Roesli (Switzerland)

The largest eruption on the morning of 1 February was followed by a series of small eruptions during the day. The first eruption was reported to have sent ash at least 6 km into the air and was one of the largest in the volcano's history.

A sequence of Ash RGBs from the ABI instrument on GOES-16 shows its evolution during the hours following the first intense blast at about 08:00 UTC. The bright pink ash plume showed quite a complex behaviour under the influence of winds shearing in altitude and time.

After the release of the main plume that, according to CIMSS Satellite Blog, reached up to at least 6 km Fuego continued to send a weaker streak (dark blue to magenta on the imagery) in western and south-western directions. In the same time interval a couple of dark-coloured contrails passed over Fuego.

Figure 1: GOES-16 Ash RGB, 1 Feb 07:00 UTC–23:00 UTC. Download animation (MP4, 3 MB)

Note: NOAA's GOES-16/E satellite has not been declared operational and its data are preliminary and undergoing testing.


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