August snowfall in the Alps

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Fresh summer snow appeared over high Alpine areas after the end of a warm spell over much of Europe.

Date & Time
27 August 2018 08:00 UTC
Meteosat-10, Meteosat-11
Natural Colour RGB, Airmass RGB

By Ivan Smiljanic (SCISYS)

Clear skies over the Alps, after few days of cloudiness, revealed fresh snowfall (shown in cyan colour) over the high ground. In some areas, mainly in Austria and parts of northern Italy, more than 30 cm of fresh snow was reported, with the most falling on 26 August. Clouds that obscured the Alps during that period, and brought precipitation to the area, were connected to the cold front passing over central Europe (Figure 2). The cold front passage cooled large areas of Europe and ended the very warm, and in some areas the very dry, conditions.

Before and after comparison
Image from 23 August Image from 27 August showing the fresh snow
Figure 1: Comparison of Meteosat-10 images before and after the snow on 27 August.

Figure 2: Meteosat-11 Airmass RGB, 24 Aug 14:00 UTC–27 Aug 12:00 UTC

Full resolution Airmass RGB animation from 24–27 August, MP4, 5 MB

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