Global Weather July 2018

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A movie of the weather around the world during July 2018.

Date & Time
1–31 July 2018
NIR1.6, VIS0.8, VIS0.6

The Natural Colour RGB images used in the movie are taken from EUMETSAT's Meteosat satellites.

July was the month when many parts of the world saw record-breaking maxiumum temperatures and heatwaves.

  • Finland had its hottest July on record.
  • Norway saw a record temperature of 33.5 °C in Badufoss.
  • France saw a new July record, with more than 10 minimum overnight temperatures above 20.0 °C.
  • A new record temperature of 42.6 °C was observed at Areni, Armenia.
  • Kumagaya in Japan set a new maximum daily temperature record of 41.1 °C.
  • Eastern Japan had the hottest July on record.
  • Ouargla, in Algeria’s Sahara Desert, reported a maximum temperature of 51.3°C on 5 July, believed to the hottest ever reported.
  • Morocco saw a new record of 43.4 °C at Bouarfa on 3 July.
  • Burbank airport in California and Waco, Texas set a new record temperature of 45.6 °C.

Other events included:

  • Sweden suffered the worst outbreak of forest fires on modern record, with about 50 forest fires burning in mid July.
  • In late July wildfires ripped through coastal areas in Greece, causing thousands to flee and a number of fatalities.
  • Hurricanes Fabio, Chris
  • Typhoon Prapiroon, Maria, Jongdari

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