Global Weather August 2018

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A movie of the weather around the world during August 2018.

Date & Time
1–31 August 2018
NIR1.6, VIS0.8, VIS0.6

The Natural Colour RGB images used in the movie are taken from EUMETSAT's Meteosat satellites.

In early August severe thunderstorms hit France and Germany. Later in the month Typhoon Soulik triggered flooding in North Korea triggered that killed 86 people. Typhoon Jebi was a strong Category 5 typhoon that killed 17 people. Jebi affected the Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Japan, and the Russian Far East.

The heatwave across Europe continued, causing drought in some places. In the Algarve, Portugal, wildifres destroyed more than 1,000 hectares of forest.

Other events included:

  • Hurricanes Hector, John, Lane, Miriam
  • Typhoon Shanshan, Cimaron

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