Global Weather September 2018

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A movie of the weather around the world during September 2018.

Date & Time
1–30 September 2018
NIR1.6, VIS0.8, VIS0.6

The Natural Colour RGB images used in the movie are taken from EUMETSAT's Meteosat satellites.

September 2018 saw very active tropical storm activity both the North Atlantic and the Pacific. North Atlantic — Florence, Gordon, Helene, Issac, Joyce, Kirk and Leslie. Hurricane Florence  caused major damage and devastation in the US. Pacific — Mangkhut, Barijat, Trami and Kong-rey. Both Mangkhut and Trami became super typhoons and caused devastation and deaths.

Medicanes were also reported in September and, after a short respite, heatwave conditions returned to parts of Europe.

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