Forest fires in Portugal

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Forest fires in Portugal.

Date & Time
21 August 2005 00:00 UTC
Meteosat-8, Envisat

More information and detailed analysis of the feature can be found in the In Depth section.


In Depth

by Gordon Bridge, Marc Jenner and HansPeter Roesli (EUMETSAT)

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The false colour RGB composite Meteosat-8 image shown below clearly pinpoints the many severe forest fires raging in several parts of Portugal on 21 August 2005. In this composite image, red is assigned to the IR3.9 channel, which is particularly useful for the detection of fires and hot-spots. Channel 1 (VIS 0.6) is assigned a green colour and Channel 12 (HRV) blue. The HRV channel highlights a smoke plume heading out into the Atlantic, driven by a generally northeasterly wind in this region. The variability over time of the fires is clearly seen in the IR3.9 movie loop (see link under 'See also').


Portuguese forest fires seen in satellite images

Met-8, 21 August 2005, 17:00 UTC
RGB Composite IR3.9, VIS0.6, HRV
Full Resolution (544 KB)
Envisat, MERIS, 21 August 2005
Full Resolution (753 KB)
(Source: ESA)

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Channel 04 (IR3.9) Animation (21 Aug 18:00 UTC–22 Aug 08:00 UTC, AVI, 2 MB)
Channel 12 (HRV) image (21 Aug 2005, 16:15 UTC, PNG, 162 KB)
RGB Composite using HRV and IR3.9 channels (21 Aug 2005, 16:15 UTC, PNG, 424 KB)
Channel 12 (HRV) image (22 Aug 2005, 08:15 UTC, PNG, 207 KB)
RGB Composite using HRV and IR3.9 channels (22 Aug 2005, 08:15 UTC, PNG, 506 KB)

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