Real-Time Images

View near real-time imagery from our satellites.

EUMETView Pilot Service

EUMETView is a visualisation service that allows users to view EUMETSAT imagery in a more interactive way through an online map viewer or Web Map Service (WMS). It is currently a pilot service.

Existing Access to Data

At the end of June 2016, we changed the software used for processing images for our online Real-Time Imagery. We are aware that there are some errors and are working on fixing these. Please note that you can find similar imagery via our EUMETView Pilot Service.

The EUMETView Pilot Service is planned to become operational in 2018, and will eventually replace the current online Real-Time Imagery service.

To access older data and imagery you must order it from our archive, the EUMETSAT Data Centre, via our Earth Observation Portal (registration necessary).


Meteosat 0 Degree

Meteosat Indian Ocean (IODC)

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