Scatterometer Science Conference 2016

This joint EUMETSAT/ESA conference focuses on the major challenges of scatterometry by bringing together experts from industry, science and applications.

The conference is being held at ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, from 2–4 February 2016.

Its objectives are to:

  • Present the latest technological developments, including innovative polarisation options considered for Metop-SG Scatterometers.
  • Assess emerging requirements and applications according to the challenges and opportunities provided by the recent technological advances.
  • Consolidate and promote scatterometer science and applications over ocean, land and ice, ensuring the successful exploitation of the scatterometer data records available to date.
  • Investigate synergies and complementarities with other scatterometer missions, in terms of data content and also spatio-temporal sampling.
  • Provide a platform to exchange ideas between the engineering and science teams engaged in scatterometry, in order to stimulate the interaction between both communities.

Participating in the conference


Participation is open to:

  • Engineers, scientists and students working in the field of scatterometry and related fields.
  • Scientist and users from the ocean, land and ice communities.
  • Representatives from National, European and International space and value adding industries.

Abstract Submission

Oral and poster sessions will be centred around the following topics:

  • Advancements in Scatterometer Systems
  • Cal/val and performance monitoring methods and results
  • Exploitation of the data for applications, over the ocean, land and sea ice
  • Establishment of Scatterometer-based CDRs: standardisation of contents and validation standards

Conference participants are encouraged to complete an abstract on a topic addressing the meeting objectives and to submit it through the conference webpage by 12 October 2015. Papers will be selected on the basis of the one-page abstract.

Practical information


Participation is free, but participants are expected to finance their own travel and accommodation expenses.


Please complete and submit the registration form by 6 January 2016.


The conference will be held at the Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC), located 35km south-west of Amsterdam International Airport.

For information on getting to the venue see the ESA conference website.


The preliminary conference programme will be published on 8 December 2015.

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