Lumieres d’Afriques

Creations of contemporary art from Africa that inspire and illuminate

EUMETSAT is proud to celebrate its decades-long collaboration with Africa by bringing Lumiѐres d’Afriques to Darmstadt.

This thought-provoking exhibition assembles works by an artist from each of Africa’s 54 countries. Against the background of the COP21 climate change conference, the artists agreed to create an original work of art which illustrates how they see the threat of climate change in their countries.

Africa is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and climate variability.

Accurate weather forecasts and warnings of severe weather events are essential for African nations to deal with the impact of a changing climate.

EUMETSAT provides comprehensive support to Africa through projects and initiatives, funded by the EU, that assist the meteorological community to meet national and regional requirements for severe weather warnings, water and agriculture management and mitigation of the effects of natural hazards and climate change.

EUMETSAT’s involvement in Lumiѐres d’Afriques

EUMETSAT is proud to be able to bring this exhibition, representing the hopes and vision of 54 talented contemporary African artists, to our headquarters in Darmstadt.

We see it not just as a celebration of our involvement with Africa but also as an opportunity to promote awareness of contemporary African art among the people of Darmstadt and beyond.

Lumiѐres d’Afriques has assembled a collection of works from an artist from each of Africa’s 54 countries.

Their theme: “Africa’s Leading Lights”.

The result presents their visions, hopes, dreams and fears for the future of their continent in the 21st Century.

To learn more about EUMETSAT's involvement in Africa, please click here.

Visiting the exhibition

Visitors can view the exhibition at EUMETSAT headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, as part of an organised tour arranged by our partners at Darmstadt Marketing.

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