Reprocessed Soil Water Index Products from the Copernicus Global Land Service

Reprocessed daily and 10-daily Soil Water Index (SWI) Products are now available.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Due to previous errors, the Copernicus Global Land Service has reprocessed the daily and 10-daily SWI products from late July 2016 to 21 November. The product version has been updated from V3.0.1 to V3.0.2 — indicating a second run in the run number.

The update has been done because after a gap in the input data from 29 July 2016, the SWI processing was resumed without proper knowledge of prior conditions — the so-called iteration data. As a result there were many missing SWI values for the subsequent T=100 and inconsistency in the time series, for example a sudden change of global mean. These issues were flagged in the quality information and needed to be rectified.

From 22 November 2016 onwards, the SWI and SWI10 products are the normal version V3.0.1.

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