Release of Sentinel-3A SRAL Reprocessed Dataset

Sentinel-3A SRAL reprocessed dataset became available on 16 October 2018

Friday, 13 October 2017

The reprocessing of Sentinel-3A SRAL non time critical (NTC) data to the latest standards (Processing Baseline 2.15) allows users to access a consistent dataset from 15 June 2016 to 15 April 2017.

This reprocessing provides updated and consistent SRAL/MWR Level 2 and Level 1B data. In the near future L1A and L1B-S products will also be made available.

These new Level 1 products are particularly relevant to geophysical retrieval algorithm developers (over ocean, land and ice surfaces), and for surface characterisation studies.

In the reprocessed dataset, there are very few gaps, duly identified in the Product Notices: Sentinel-3A Product Notice – STM L1 Altimetry (“Spring Reprocessing Campaign”) (PDF, 1 MB) and Sentinel-3A Product Notice – STM L2 Marine (“Spring Reprocessing Campaign”) (PDF, 713 KB).

The data have been consolidated into products covering one pass (pole-to-pole) each and are correctly calibrated at Level 1.

The geophysical verification of the data content was made at Level 2 and the reprocessing dataset is consistent and within the mission requirements for the Open Ocean, for all key parameters (Sea-Surface Height, Significant Wave Height and wind speed). The geophysical parameters show good agreements with other altimeters (Jason-3 and Jason-2) and also with models.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Animated gif of the Sea Surface Height Anomaly (SSHA) on the different months covered by the reprocessed dataset (June 2016 to April 2017).

Further details on the validation can be found in the Technical Note: S3A STM Reprocessing - "Spring 2018" (Level 0 to Level 2) (PDF, 25 MB)).

The reprocessed dataset will be available at 08:30 UTC on 16 October from the Copernicus Online Data Access (CODA) service, via this link: To access it, use your Earth Observation Portal (EOP) credentials. If you do not have an Earth Observation Portal account, create one and you will be able to access CODA.

To get the complete and consistent dataset users should access both the Reprocessed NTC dataset, which spans from 15 June 2016–15 April 2017, from CODAREP and the NTC dataset, processed with the same baseline after 15 April 2017, from CODA.

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