New MSG L1.5 SEVIRI Geo-referencing

On 6 December a correction to a geo-referencing offset in the SEVIRI Level 1.5 image data will take place.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The observed offset, with respect to the reference coastline, is 1.5 km North and 1.5 km West for all spectral channels, but does not invalidate the absolute accuracy of the image data which remains within specification (3 km).

The change will result in a shift of the image data towards South East by 1.5 km (1.5 km South and 1.5 km East).

The application of the geo-referencing offset correction will be flagged, using the parameter ‘TypeOfEarthModel’, which is part of the ‘EarthModel’ structure in the ‘GeometricProcessing’ record included in the HRIT prologue.

The MSG Level 1.5 Image Data Format Description describes the updated flag and the usage of this parameter.

The change will be implemented on 6 December 2017 for all Meteosat spacecraft: Meteosat-8, -9, -10 (Meteosat IODC, Rapid Scan and 0 degree services) and Meteosat-11, which is planned to be de-stored and put into operations in the first quarter of 2018.

Test data including the updated flag are available via our ftp server

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