Addition of NEDT values in ATOVS BUFR products

Noise Equivalent Delta Temperature (NEDT) values will be added in ATOVS BUFR products from 22 November 2017.

Thursday, 07 December 2017

AMSU-A Radiances

Important Note: The change to the EPS BUFR products is being postponed to 08/12/17 due to an issue observed in the HIRS Metop-A products.

We plan to append instrument NEDT values for warm target calibration and the version numbers of the processing software to all AMSU, MHS and HIRS BUFR products that are generated by EUMETSAT.

The corresponding BUFR template additions have been agreed by WMO IPET-DRMM 2015 (WMO Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation Maintenance and Monitoring). The applicable new BUFR template will be based on the widely used sequences 3-10-008, 3-10-009 and 3-10-010, with the addition of NEDT as parameter 0-33-089 and the processing software version numbers as parameter 0-25-060.

The change, to take place on 22 November, affects the following services:

  • The BUFR products from the EPS ground segment (Metop-A, Metop-B and NOAA-19)
  • The EARS-ATOVS regional service (Metop-A, Metop-B, NOAA-18 and NOAA-19)
  • The BUFR encoded global NOAA-15 and NOAA-18 data (Global NOAA ATOVS Service).

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